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The use of 1080 bait has been baned across the world. But us here in australia are still using it.

1080 baiting is dangerous. It takes a carnivor animal to die 21 hours and a herbivores 44 hrs. It has been  quoted that it feels like us getting electrocuted for two days non stop.

1080 is primarily used to help reduce introduced species. How ever this poison is a indiscriminate killer. Poison laid out for rabbits is normally in the form of  baited carrots and oats, but any other animaly occupying a similar niche such as kangaroos ate likely to eat the poison. Its been estimated that baits laid out for rabbits have threatned a further 50 to 62 species 

So comebon australia and lets ban this act of poisoning so generations to come can enjoy our natural species. Because one day our glourious golden country may have nothing. 

My dads dog was also a victim of this bait. I am doing it in the memory of tombie. My dads best friend who was hungry and ate the wrong thing. 

Thank you Australia