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The White House: Remove OSHA's authority over human-animal interaction professions

A federal judge recently upheld OSHA's citation against SeaWorld, barring public performances in which the park's animal trainers swim in the water with killer whales.  In addition to denying the trainers their dream job, this sets a dangerous precedent for future government interference with other animal trainers and professionals.  Animal trainers are highly educated, skilled, and dedicated professionals, whose work is their passion. They acknowledge, understand, and accept the risks associated with their jobs, much like professional athletes, race car drivers, astronauts, and firefighters. It is their right to decide what safety measures are necessary, and what risks are acceptable.  This petition asks President Barack Obama, under whose authority OSHA resides, to issue an executive order removing professions that involve human and animal interactions from OSHA's oversight, and place it in the hands of those with more experience in this field.

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