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Change Congressional Pay.

It is beyond ridiculous that we have reached a point in this country where so many Congressional Representatives and Senators seem to think that poor people are the cause of all the problems in America. I believe that these people need to spend some time living in their shoes so that they have an understanding of what it's like to be really poor in America. To enable this I propose the following: All first term Congressional Representatives and Senators will retain their current salaries, HOWEVER, the full salary shall be placed within a blind trust and only a monthly stipend given that is equal to the lowest common wage amongst their constiuents. This payment situation shall remain in place for the first six months of their term and all perks shall be withheld until such time as they have completed this time of stipend. At the end of six months the representative and senator shall be allowed to access more of their salary increasing the stipend and perks until the first year of their term has been served adn they have learned just how many of their constituents live. (Note: all current serving senators and representative shall be required to serve this term of stipend allowing for medical situations based on age or severe health issues, such as cancer)

I think that having our leaders, especially the Republicans, live by the rules they want us to live by and by the budgets they want us to live by might actually educate them as to what we're going through.

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