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The White House: Call Westboro Baptist Church a terrorist group and ban them from the US.

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I've heard about this group for years and I discovered they were having pickets at no less than three locations in Maryland in "commemoration", for lack of a better term, on Veteran's Day 2012. I have personally had enough of their hate and psychological warfare on this country, especially as I have known loved ones who served or are serving in the US military. Here is the full letter:

I have three questions for you that I think you well know how to answer if you truly worship the True God.

1) Doesn't the Bible say the heart is deceitful and wicked above all things and that only God can make it clean? Doesn't the Bible also say that God is love and that anyone who claims that he or she loves God but hates anyone else is a liar and does not have God?

2) On the Jews: HOW DARE YOU twist the Word? The JEWS are GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE? Who are you to judge who goes to Heaven and who doesn't? Only God can do that, yes?

3) Do you realize that our soldiers daily fight for your rights to be so hateful? You should be THANKING them for your rights, not damning them, and to damn them is NOT your place, either.

I hope you will read this letter carefully and READ the Word for what it is, not what you think it is. God have mercy on your souls.


A few more factoids:

Both England and Scotland have banned them as a terrorist group.

Have you seen what they do to people who leave the church?

What about children? They are psychologically abusing children by teaching them to hate others solely on the basis of military service, sexual orientation, et cetera.

In sum, enough is enough . . . . God forgive me if I am mistaken in this attempt to write a wrong and spread the truth about who Jesus Christ is (as a follower of Jesus myself). I am sick of these people and we have got to stand up and act. THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

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