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Resignation of all elected officials that voted for the passage of unconstitutional legislature. Resign and Expect Us.

This administration is guilty of Treason committed by Sen. John Mc Cain among others. Guilty of War Crimes as exposed by Chelsea Manning. Genocide committed by Monsanto and the Medical industry throught prescription drugs, Chemtrails and Fluoridation of our water supply. We have had enough! We the people demand the End of the Federal Reserve and IRS. Jail the bankers guilty of $16 Trillion Fraud exposed by an audit. Debt jubilee, We demand money be removed from government and ban lobbyist from negotiating with elected officials. We Demand Monsanto and the Medical Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry be held accountable for their Crimes against the American People. We demand the resignation of all elected officials that voted in favor of unconstitutional legislation. We see Treason, resign.


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  • The White House Administration. All elected officials of the United States Government.

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