Stop the street racing on the Stratford Rd.

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Five years ago Shirley was plagued by street racing, with huge meetings at Tesco by the M42. Solihull council successfully challenged this anti social behaviour and an injunction was granted preventing these meetings and car cruising. 

Recently however there has been a dramatic increase in this behaviour and "meetings" have been held on a number of nights which has meant that the residents having to endure all that comes with it, such as excessive noise and exhaust pollution. Calls have been made to the police but to no avail.  All business premises at the southern end of the Stratford Rd have seen their car parks filled to overflowing with racers and spectators. With the car parks full, indiscriminate parking on the road added to the dangers. 

Further more residents are also concerned with the speed of traffic through the centre of Shirley. During the day the volume of traffic regulates the speed of the traffic, but once that traffic reduces the speed rises dramatically, endangering other road users and pedestrians alike. 

Obviously police resources are stretched dealing with issues related to the pandemic, however the risk to road users of serious injury by these street racers should not be ignored. 

If average speed cameras were installed from the boundary with Birmingham to the M42 it should reduce the speed of the traffic through the area, whilst allowing the police to attend only in exceptional circumstances, leaving them free to deal with other matters. 

Please sign the petition and lets make the streets safe.