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Weather Network: change the "Vote" button to a "Submit" button in the Coffee Break window!

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In a society where confusion about of the line between Fact and Opinion is a major contributor to the decline of reasonable discourse, and good decision making, The Weather Network, which claims to be a science-based organization, contributes daily to the blurring of that line. The "Coffee Break" is a side bar item on the Weather Network page that usually contains a trivia question. The user can select an answer and click to see the correct answer, and how others have answered. However, the button to submit the answer is labeled "Vote". While for opinion polls (e.g., "Who's your favourite meteorologist?") "Vote" is an appropriate button label, as submitting an answer will affect the outcome ("according to visitors, Bill is Canada's favourite meterololgist!), for trivia (e.g., "What is the most Easterly province of Canada?") the word "Vote" is not appropriate. The user's answer is either right or wrong: the correct answer is not someone's opinion, or the opinion of a group, but an indisputable fact, and, unlike a vote, the fact won't change no matter how many users get the answer wrong. As a science-based organization, it is incumbent on The Weather Network to acknowledge the important distinction between Opinion and Fact by changing the label on the Coffee Break button from "Vote" to "Submit."

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