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The Waxing Company; Ashley and Ed MacKinnon: Pay your contractors for a job well (and completely) done!

Wage theft is a problem everywhere and in every industry, but nowhere more than in the construction industry in the State of Florida, which has no state-level labor board to protect workers' rights and whose legislature has repeatedly proven hostile even to the most basic of these: the right to get paid. Lacking any officially sanctioned system to directly support the workers' right to compensation, grassroots community outrage over such injustice often proves to be a last, albeit a powerful, resort. Compelled by the undeniable fact that when workers don't get paid, the impact, beyond the individual/family, ripples through the community - from the individual's/family's inability to pay its bills to local businesses which suddenly count one fewer customer to the society at large which has to shoulder the burden of such individuals/families with a shredded social safety net - the credo "by any means necessary" must inform our efforts toward education and direct action. That tattered safety net, as far too many have come to know first hand, is no substitute for gainful employment or an income which, as should be the case for all, enables workers and all members of society to live a life of dignity without need. Compensating contractors and workers, therefore, and doing so in the timely manner which is implied by any employer-employee relationship, is fundamental to the functioning of our society. It's the morally right thing to do. It's also the law.    
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The Waxing Company Ashley MacKinnon
The Waxing Company Ed MacKinnon
Pay your contractors for a job well (and completely) done!

In January, 2013, SQ Developers, owned by Scott Eskew of Pompano Beach, FL, had partnered with Woods Company of Ft. Lauderdale, Inc., to begin a build-out of your business, The Waxing Company, located at 810 N. Federal Hwy., also in Pompano Beach. Eskew, a long-time local resident and highly respected contractor whose CV includes the construction of ocean-front mansions, prefers to point to his pro bono building of homes for campesinos in Tecate, Mexico, as the highlight of his career. His work for The Waxing Company was completed in early April yet you, Ed MacKinnon, and your daughter, Ashley, who manages the business, have refused to pay the balance of over $7300 due these contractors, sub-contractors and laborers, who designed and created a space without which your business wouldn't even be functional.

I, a member of our local community and beyond, who will never stand for such egregious treatment of workers who depend for their survival on being compensated for a job well done, demand that you pay all monies due at once, or be subject to further public shaming.

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