Student, N.Page, Aged 15, Should Have To Cycle On the Cycle Path From Bramley To Guildford

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When people are travelling to and from Guildford on the A281, there is a major traffic delay particularly in the mornings, which has led to economic and environmental effects in the county of Surrey. 

Having performed sufficient research into the matter we have been able to discover the problem behind this, a student who cycles to and from his school. Every Tuesday-Friday morning and then Monday - Friday evening.

Despite being allowed to go on to the road, a cycle path has been installed, which has cost the council a vast amount of money and is meant for him to cycle on. Furthermore he has made it impossible to overtake by cycling over 2/3 out into the road, causing major traffic jams going into Guildford. 

We talked to numerous drivers who were queuing and one of them said this:

‘I arrive late for work, I am frustrated, something needs to change, and fast!’ - B.Baggins

N.Page has agreed to try and find a solution, to this matter.

We would like to get this petition to a sufficient amount of signers and to try and find a solution to this problem.


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