Alarming Deaths Due to Added Sugar

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This is something important no one really talks about so let's bring it to the table. It's the concerns we face with added sugar. Over the past century sugar consumption has risen by astounding amounts, specifically from 2 major corporations Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo. Directly correlated with this, is a large number of deaths due to the consumption of the sugary & addictive drinks they produce. These companies play with us, they control us, making us think we want their drink when really its more of an addiction we are trying to fulfill that they had caused. Over 184,000 deaths per year are correlated and rising! Each one had suffered from diabetes, heart disease, and even more from fatty liver disease.

Diabetes is the most known, as we all probably have someone who suffers from such a horrible disease. The CDC reported that over 100 million Americans suffer from diabetes or have prediabetic symptoms, and 1/4 of them didn't even know they had it! This means the number could be far higher than expected.

Maybe the adults don't mind, since who doesn't love a can of coke? But what about the children? In 2018, over 210,000 Children were diagnosed with diabetes, and one study had even found that roughly 18-25% of adolescents & young adults have prediabetic symptoms. Why is it that the FDA recommends only 50 grams of added sugar per day, yet a single can of coke has 39 grams?

This isn't something anyone should put behind them. It's horrifying that these corporations are feeding off of our lives, our children, for their own gains. This is why we must work together, to make these companies be held accountable for the lives they have taken and put warning labels on their drinks so no one else will fall for their death trap.