Why is Disney supporting a mass shooting musuem?

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  1. Mass shootings are epidemic.  Disney World is supporting a mass shooting tourist attraction in Orlando.   The pulse nightclub massacre was for all intents and purposes a Disney Springs tourist and children shooting.  But for the killer seeing 3 cops he moved on and happened upon Pulse.  Now, the owners of pulse want to make a tourist attraction, with help from companies like Disney.   Please help me stop this!  My son was murdered at pulse and they are exploiting his murder to fill Orlando's over 130,000 hotels rooms daily.  We started CCAPM.  Community coalition against pulse musuem.  Find out more by checking out NOPULSEMUSEUM.INFO Thank you all for reading and listening to one mom!  We can do this together!  Where are my other mom allies? When so many companies are joining our fight against too many guns in too many places,  like Walmart yay!  Putting money over gun common sense is what is feeding our mass shooting epidemic!  Let's stop the Orlando companies and politicians from exploiting 49 deaths for their gain.  Death tourism must stop!  #tearpulsedown