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The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Studios, Robert A. "Bob" Iger (Chairman & CEO): Make the next Disney Prince or Princess Gay or Lesbian

Hello, I am Detrick Manning age 14 from Baltimore Maryland. In a world where tolerance and acceptance is rare, I think that it is important for LGBTQ kids and teenagers of today to know that they are not abnormal. According to studies from, 36.5 % of Gay Lesbian and Bisexual youth grades 9-12 have attempted suicide. This is due to rejection, bullying or just feeling unwanted. That is why I am asking The Walt Disney Company and Robert A. "Bob" Iger (Chairman and CEO) to make the next Disney prince or princess gay. Doing this would show kids that everyone has the right to a happy ending whether they are straight or gay. This would not only show support to LGBTQ youth, but it would also promote tolerance to other children who watch. I believe that this would be a huge step toward tolerance and acceptance of ALL people, regardless or sexual orientation.

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