The rise of Ben solo | a movement for another movie that Ben deserves

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We all know what this is already about..

As you know, many people have been extremely outraged to the point they have sobbed over and over and have even claimed they haven’t eaten properly or gotten out to be social for a long period of time because of these reasons.

The reason why everybody is outraged is because the ending never solved anything in any way, and no where near made a good ending. It also made everyone that had watched TROS feel empty about the movie, it was “rushed” and “thought through quickly and made no sense” as most fans described, but most ridiculously, Kylo ren had redeemed himself and turned back into Ben solo, but even when he had done so, ... he was killed off.

The movie basically was only a quarter answered, and just created more questions. You mean to tell me only now Palpatine came out if the dark? Why didn’t Leia disappear when she actually died but instead only disappeared when Ben had died? Why didn’t Rey sob? She just frowned and that’s all? That’s not even half of the angered questions people are asking and demanding answers for.

Now this may seem ridiculous, but plenty of the fandom were outraged because Ben didn’t get to stay alive to be able to live a life that he deserved, free of the dark side or any Order. for his entire life he had to live with loneliness and deal with trauma. When he found peace in Rey, peace in ray that made him turn to the light side, that made him so obsessed with her; that made him enjoy her company; — he died

We wanted him to stay alive, we needed him to stay alive so he would live a peaceful life, with Rey and create better friendships with others and get the peace he deserved. But no, we got the exact opposite and instead had him killed off.

It also caused trauma for most to deal with because Kylo Ren / Ben Solo was a persona Star Wars created and so many fell in love with him, and the way he handled things. That was the company to blame for doing so, another thing we have to blame them for is proceeding to kill him off.  Everyone is pointing their fingers at one person — JJ abrams. 

At this point if you still don’t believe me, look at the video edits on Instagram. Search #Reyloedits and look at the posts. The captions explain and show outrage, disgust, disappointment and show rage while saying how upset they are that Ben was killed off, during explaining how they feel about TROS. Even looking in the comments of the fan edits, even more and endless counts of people show the exact same feelings with over at least 1,000 people per post. Woah, don’t even get me started on the offical instagram accounts, the offical JJ Abrams instagram account has so many angered comments asking why he killed off Ben and why the movie was so rushed. The offical Disney, Star Wars and JJ Abrams Instagram posts have so many comments, clowning the companies professional ability of being able to write or have a heart

if you’ve visited twitter recently, it’s worse by tenfold. 

it won’t be JJ Abrams’s fault anymore if Disney does not agree to create another movie for Ben, and believe me this time it will be much much more worse with the hate and outrage, and take this from me there are over millions right now that want the same thing as I do — another movie for Ben solo and answers for all the Questions we want answered.

there are plenty of accurate theories that we could use for the movie to create another path to bring Ben back, one of which [this ones my favourite] a theory that he is stuck in a world between worlds. This has evidence that this is true — When Leia passed, her body was still there but she did not fully disappear. She died when Ben was stabbed by Ray with his saber, both were at same times but she did not disappear straight after. However, her body only disappeared after when Ben died and him also disappearing after healing Rey. Only then Leia had disappeared along with him. In one of rays notes it explains the ‘world between worlds’ of which everyone believes Ben is in, as it is the only other reason because we only saw Leia, and Luke as force ghosts. But also because everyone believes Leia did not pass straight away when she died because she was waiting for Ben, but the other side of the fandom believes she was waiting for him to face death  so she could use the last of her force power in the living world to give to Ben to resurrect. All this should be used for another movie.

remember, if we work together and share this petition around and make it viral we will catch Disney’s attention and bring them down to the fact that they need to make another movie ASAP and it was clownery for them to end it that way. 

Big companies like disney don’t joke around so we need a minimum of 100,000 signatures first, rising it to hopefully 1,000,000 in the future. 

May the force be with you.


If you have questions, my iG is @theriseofbensolo.movement