The Lion Guard season 4 or The Lion King 3

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Having a Lion Guard season 4 or The Lion King 3 or 4 I guess though I don't feel that The Lion King 11/2 counts as The Lion King 3 it's just another remake that's a big OOF bad part of it to me. I'm mostly hoping for The Lion King 3 or 4 how ever I just want to see more with Kion X Rani I really love that ship and let's also get a compleatly new plot not other remake there has been enough of those I really want to see Kovu and Kiara being King and Queen and them having kids of there own and same for Kion and Rani since they are now King and Queen of The Tree of life. It would also be cool to me to hopefully see kids of Janja and Jasiri , Azad and Fuli. it would also be cool getting more of a story about Kopa maybe now Kopa is King somewhere else or a hero maybe we could all think of really good ideas for Disney to use but right now this is all that I got. I'm not ready to end adventure with The Lion Guard who are now Protectors of the tree of life I'm going to miss Til The pridelands end Lion Guard Defend but maybe a new good saying could be formed for The Night Pride.