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Take Star Wars Away from Electronic Arts!

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When the Disney Corporation first bought Star Wars, we were all hesitant as Star Wars fans for our beloved franchise. Disney gave Electronic Arts overseeing rights to all video games related to the Star Wars genre. So far, we have gotten two Star Wars games; Battlefront and Battlefront 2 (no, mobile games do not count).

The first Battlefront game caused a lot of upset when they announced a 50$ season pass months before the game even came out. With Battlefront 2, they announced that they would not make us pay for any DLC. That sounded like good news, until they announced in-game micro-transactions, a common thing in video games these days. Normally, though, micro-transaction purchases offer no player advantage and are merely for cosmetic aesthetics.

With Star Wars Battlefront 2, these in-game purchases give you clear in-game advantages, such as new heroes or weapons. All of this content is available to unlock for free with in-game currency, but the amount of time it takes to unlock is utterly ridiculous (it would take FORTY hours of game play just to unlock Darth Vader as a hero, for example). An article I found on Reddit said that it would take 4528 hours, or $2100, to unlock everything in the game. EA tried to justify this (via Reddit) by saying they want their gamers to feel a sense of “pride and accomplishment” for unlocking these items. But, rather than spend forty hours to unlock one hero, they give you the option to spend extra money and get it right away, skipping ahead of all the players who do not want to pay more of their hard earned money (which is most of the community). This makes the game pay-to-win, something that absolutely destroys the integrity and competition of a video game, and I'm sure most gamers would agree it is not right.

I'm worried as a gamer. Not just because this game is now going to be ruined for so many people, but because EA thinks they can screw over their customers and make intangible amounts of money from it. It is selfish, corrupt, and downright insulting. EA thinks just because this is Star Wars, the most successful and loved franchise in the world, they can get away with this. But I will not stand for it. If EA gets away with this, it will encourage them to implement this to their other games.

Thankfully, the community has literally sh*t down EAs throat when they heard about this atrocity, and EA retaliated by lowering the prices of these in-game purchases by 75%. That is a step in the right direction, but I don’t think it’s good enough. I do not want to pay any extra for content in a game that should be included with the retail price. When I buy a video game I want the complete, full game, and I do not want other players to have an advantage over me just because they pay more money. I think many other gamers agree with me.

I am disappointed in the Walt Disney Company for letting this happen. It's no secret they love money, but they have always been a company that cares for their customers and creates quality products. I am creating this petition because I want Disney to withdraw from whatever contract or deal they have with EA. EA has not capitalized on this market (only two sub-par games in four years?) and they are too crooked and unethical to hold something as dear to us as Star Wars. My hope is that Disney sees this with a plethora of signatures so they realize how unhappy we, the customers, are with EA. 

We grew up with amazing Star Wars games like Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Academy, and the original Battlefront games. These games have very cherished memories in our hearts, and they never once asked us for more money for extra content or player advantage. Please, if you love Star Wars and/or video games in general, sign this petition and get this message to EA and Disney. We will not stand for this.

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