Stop All Future Star Wars Productions

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Enough is enough. The original Star Wars trilogy was a cultural phenomenon which defined an era. Today, it's legacy is being bastardized through a series of poorly  crafted, badly directed films whose sole purpose is to pump out commercial merchandise and liquidate the remaining lifeforce of the saga. The conflict of visions between J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson has created such a strong disconnect between the first two films or the originally trilogy that is feels more like attempt between the two directors to out "Avant Garde" each other rather than creating palatable films. Along with the sequel trilogy, the side series of "Anthology" films show incredibly poor promise if Solo is to be a representation of the series, with even producers of the movie admitting to it's mediocrity. Though I, myself, will admit to the competence of "Rogue One", I firmly believe it is not enough to justify the crap storm Disney has been producing in the form of Star Wars film. Enough is enough. Help stop the slow and agonizing hospice of the Star Wars series and give it a proper death while it still has dignity to spare.