Star Wars VIII MUST be official canon! A petition to delete it is unacceptable.

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Days ago someone called Henry Walsh has just started a petition (in asking to The Walt Disney Company for striking Star Wars Episode VIII from the official canon. This is completely unacceptable due to the majority of the fans of the saga love it. This movie deserves to be compared with "The Empire Strikes Back" because it has changed the meaning and the way of the saga cleverly.

Rian Johnson as guionist and director of this film doesn't have to cope with all this fake "fans" that only want to destroy everything that don't go the way they thing or spect. Episode VIII has shown us, to the real and big fans, that Luke Skywalker got to understand why the Jedi were a very big problem, also the fact his nephew turn to the Dark Side, and that understanding make him to change his behaivour until Rey's first appear, that has the enough power and strenght to destroy the First Order.

This movie has an excellent picture quality and every detail is perfect, also we found funny parts, Star Wars has completely changed, in a good way, and this saga which has exist for 40 years mustn't be destroyed or be offended by this people that only see the negative aspects and don't open their minds to the changes, changes that will keep for at least two more generations and in the memories of the actual fans...

The Skywalker legacy has just started, and we mustn't be separated for mad simplicities and dishonors to the epic and lovely saga that George Lucas created in 1977.

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