Sophia Lillis as Ariel in The Little Mermaid live action

The photoshop is bad :/ sorry BUT SHES THE PERFECT CANDIDATE
I know Disney is trying to be 'inclusive' but most people like myself are familiar to the redhead Ariel and we have nothing against using black ariel besides the fact that redhead ariel is our childhood ! Maybe Disney should be more original and think of an original black princess, or hey, make a Tiana remake. SOPHIA ALSO TAILORS TO YOUNG VIEWERS/TEEN ALIKE AS THEY ARE FAMILIAR TO WHO SHE IS OR WHO HER CHARACTER IS. BLACK ARIEL IS COOL AND ALL BUT THINK ABOUT HOW GREAT SOPHIA WILL BE AS ARIEL. THERES ONLY ONE REDHEAD DISNEY PRINCESS WE NEED HERRRR!

N S, Mississauga, Canada
2 years ago
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