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Show Disney their is a interest for sora in dissidia (regular or dlc)

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I started this petition because I’m a avid video game player and lover like many others. With the new release of dissidia right around the corner their is still time to show our interest in including sora from kingdom hearts as a character. Kingdom hearts is a square enix and Disney project so in order to include this character Disney would need to get involved. The point of this petition is to show that fans would be more then excited to see the key blade weilder sora as a additional character included through dlc. This petition is to raise awareness that enough people would back this concept. Furthermore it would also help prepair everyone for the kingdom hearts 3 title release which is right around the corner. Although sora is not a original final fantasy character he still fits the genre and adding him as well as a villain from the series and other unlockable content would only help garner more attention and include more fans from vasting titles. Dissidia is going to be a great game now let’s speak up and help Disney realize how we can all make it a little better.

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