ShopDisney​.​eu needs to chance!

ShopDisney​.​eu needs to chance!

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Started by Disney Avengers

Dear The Walt Disney Compagny,

After the Brexit, the ShopDisney website has completely changed. At first we at The Netherlands could only order throughout the UK site and now a special EU site has been created. However, this has many consequences for European Disney fans who now have little or no access to the merchandise.

You can see an example in this photo. The UK site has 39 articles from Beauty and the Beast while the EU site only 7 articles has. Another example is the new Nuimo's collection. The UK site has 35 articles in stock and the EU site 0 articles!

What we would like to see is that:
- The UK site uses the same release dates as the EU site (except for UK exclusives).
- The EU site is getting more stock on all items.
- The full range is comparable to the UK site.

We hope that you can do something about it.


Disney Fans throughout Europe

603 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!