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Send Disney a message: showing support of LGBTQ+ acceptance in their films.

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An anti-LGBT petition has been created to tell Disney 'NO' to the "LGBT agenda" and to begin a boycott of Disney and their new Beauty and the Beast film (it's at 100,000+). I am writing to say YES, that it's about time we see gay relationships as a norm, not a shame, in all mainstream media. That this is a subtle but positive step forward for equality and diversity for ALL.

It has been said, by director Bill Condon, that the new live action film features the first same sex "moment" to be seen and created by Disney. This has been done by using the character of LeFou to become innocently confused or unsure of his feelings towards Gaston; his feelings for his idol become blurred. This obvious nod is apparently concluded later in the film with further subtlety. It is innocent, but also a mirror to the modern, diverse and equal society in which we all strive to live.

A petition has been started to call this an LGBT agenda, a political device and that it is "harmful" or "sexual". One must ask whether the same heterosexual relationships seen in Disney films since 1937 are considered as equally sexually harmful? (Snow White lived with 7 men, let that sink in a second). Further, the political device is only in so far as to highlight the diverse and colourful world in which we live. Gay, Straight, Black, White, Islamic or otherwise... we all live together and should do so with respect, love and tolerance. This film merely highlights (albeit delicately) that there are a range of happy, healthy, safe and beautiful people and relationships out there in our modern, tolerant society. This SUBTLE nod is merely a reflection of that. 

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