Save the Lizzie McGuire Reboot!

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Back in 2019, Disney+ announced that a Lizzie McGuire reboot was in the works. Millions of fans were excited! The scripts were greenlighted by all Disney executives. The original cast came back and filmed 2 episodes. Pictures were released and even a video sneak peak. 

Unfortunately, production came to a halt in January 2020. There were creative differences and the showrunner left. Terri Minsky envisioned a more mature-themed show. But Disney wanted a kid-friendly show. Hilary Duff pleaded to move the show to Hulu. She believes the story can't be authentic with a PG rating. They tried to compromise, hoping to find a middle ground. They even found a new showrunner. But in December 2020, Hilary announced that the show was cancelled. 

Fans are devastated by this news. The cast is also sad about the cancellation. They had high hopes that it could still work. We are all extremely disappointed. How could this happen? How could a much-hyped reboot get cancelled like that? 

The fans that watched the original show grew up. So it's only logical that the reboot should be aimed towards adults. It was written for us, millennials. Younger kids don't have a connection with Lizzie like we do. We need her guidance again, more than ever!

We hope Disney+ will reconsider their decision. Save the Lizzie McGuire reboot!