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Save Club Penguin!

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Club Penguin has been a household game since 2005. Millions of kids experienced this great game and it caused memories that will last a lifetime.

Today, January 30th, a terrible news has struck. Club Penguin has been slated to shut down. Seeing this news has caused many people to be heartbroken. All the fun, amazing, and incomparable experiences that millions of us prior and current kids once enjoyed are now impossible to once again achieve to a future generation of kids.

 Club Penguin is being replaced by a mobile app called "Club Penguin Island". While it is true that the mobile industry is growing, the PC industry is still going strong. People want to continue to play the original great game that was once introduced to us on October 24th, 2005. It is obvious that the popularity of the PC version declined, but that is not simply because the mobile market has grown. It is because the desktop version has lost what it made it so great in the first place: love. The amazing parties every weekend, the new exciting unique items, the new missions we could encounter, and the great mysteries that surrounded the island. That is what created the greatest children's game of all time! An amazing experience. This is something Lance Priebe, Lane Merrifield and Dave Krysko once envisioned, and executed greatly. Disney was a great help by delivering Club Penguin's amazing experiences around the world. However as the years progressed, the originality disappeared from parties and clothes and the parties became sponsored and recycled.

 We love the idea that Club Penguin is coming to mobile, as most games do, but the desktop version is what started it all. The base. The desktop version was the perfect creation, which at one time was the most popular kid's game of all time. It was like that for a reason. The vision that was once placed into Club Penguin simply isn't there anymore; That doesn't mean it should be left in the dust! The Club Penguin desktop version is a formula for success, and it can be successful once again if executed properly.

 What we propose today is a voice that will STRIVE to continue Club Penguin on the desktop platform. We ask Disney to either reconsider their decision and keep Club Penguin on the desktop while giving us the brand new app, or we request that Disney passes the desktop version to another company who will still sees the value in the PC gaming platform. Even better, return it to its original owner, Lance Priebe, if he is willing to accept it.

Many of us have moved on from Club Penguin, but the experiences and memories we grasped from that game is something that no other game can come close to challenge. We want these same experiences and memories to be experienced by kids today and in the future. This is something we are willing to fight for, and none of us will let up. 

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