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Create a Disney Princess (& Prince) that wears corrective lenses

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In my research, 75% (of Americans) use some form of corrective lenses. Of those, 64% wear glasses.  And 1 in 4 children need corrective lenses.  My daughter, 3, is one of them.  Last year we found out that she is extremely farsighted and has accommodative esotropia. She needs corrective lenses. While there is a chance that the glasses could correct her vision, there is no guarantee.

We are a Disney family, and our daughter is no exception.  She adores and looks up to the Disney Princesses (Belle is her favorite).  Lately, she has been refusing to wear her glasses, telling us that "Princesses don't wear glasses..."  We were able to find some altered pictures of the princesses, wearing glasses.  But our daughter sees them in the movies and notices that they don't wear them ALL THE TIME, like she does.  

What I am asking is that Disney consider creating a Princess (& Prince) that wears glasses ALL THE TIME.  

As parents, our children are already Princesses & Princes in our eyes. But to themselves, they are "different" from other children who don't need glasses.  Please help our children feel like Princesses and Princes.

Thank you for your consideration.

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