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Revive/Bring back the cancelled Disney XD show "Hood"

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In 2009, animators Howie Shia and Omnii Thompson worked with Disney XD to create a promo for the animated TV show "Hood". However, it was cancelled in the same year (for unknown reasons) and has since then sunken into obscurity.

The show's main concept was about teens whose special hoods gave them specific abilities. Judging by the promo, they would use those abilities to fight evil in whatever form it takes (The promo also included a diverse lineup of antagonists, from a ninja-like warrior that can clone himself to a giant mutant octopus).

I believe this show has a large amount of potential, with fresh, distinct characters, fine voice acting, witty dialogue, and a very nice animation style. If it was revived, it would draw in a more than substantial amount of viewers (many have already stated that they are in favor of the show being produced), thus being both a wise business choice for Disney XD and a new, engaging show for viewers to watch and enjoy.

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