Return to Abadazad!

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Janay Young
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This is a very simple request! For all my book lovers and dreamers who grew up and imagined far away worlds, you’ll remember the beautifully written and illustrated books known as Abadazad! The series was written by J. M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog and published back in 2006. In total the series included three books with the last book only being released in the UK. 

Unfortunately the series was never completed and there are thousands of fans that never got to answer the burning question: did Kate ever find her little brother Matt?! However that can all be changed if we all got together to convince Disney that this is a book worth fighting for! J.M. DeMatteis is all for taking us back to Abadazad and for a lot of us we should get to see that!

So again! I come to you in this petition asking to make a change and continue one of the greatest stories ever to be written and illustrated! Let’s bring back a little bit of our childhood magic and get the ending that we deserve! I can’t promise that it will happen or even that we will get all of the signatures we need to get Disney to notice. However, I can say that it is always worth a try when it can be something life changing. So once again, let’s come together and make some magic happen!