Replace Trump with Biden in Home Alone 2

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Nothing says holiday joy and welcomes in the Christmas spirit like the Home Alone movies (1 & 2). They are classics that have been enjoyed for decades and will only get better with age. There is no question that, while sharing a turkey dinner on future  December 25th, our great, great, great, great-grandchildren will slap their cheeks while screaming, "KEVIN!" and everyone will laugh. Mom will reply, "Kevin, you're such a disease!"

But Kevin is NOT the disease. The DISEASE is in the second film.

Home Alone 2 is tarnished. It has a racist stain on it in the shape of Donald J Trump. I petition that he be edited out of the film and replaced with Joe Biden. Nothing ruins holiday cheer like a sexist, xenophobic, race-baiting bigot. For the sake of future generations, Trump must be replaced. 

Please, save Christmas. Edit Trump out of this Hollywood classic.