Remove ''Darth Maul scene'' from Solo: a Star Wars story

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Clone Wars and Rebels might be ''canon'', a big part of the star wars fans are not kids anymore.

Thoses 2 series have been made for profits and nothing else, they had nothing to tell, so they decided to make Darth Maul born again (and also to give a padawan to Anakin; what a hell, he is still a disturbed boy in the third movie, how could he teach something to someone?).

Perhaps (or surely) Darth Maul is one of the most regretted character of the franchise, but seeing him in cinema means that Disney sould make a Spin-off on him (not a bad idea after all) which happens before the first episode and not after.

Moreover, seeing Darth Maul alive after his fight with Obi-Wan means nothing else that Obi-Wan is no more the first jedi to have killed a sith for hundreds of year. Obi-Wan deserves to keep this status. Otherwise, how could he be considered as a great jedi?

Disney is ruining the saga. This Darth Maul appearence was about to make me cry. How could Disney think about this? This lessens the star wars movies…

Also, they could put the emperor whereas Darth Maul. It would show a kind of bribery in the galaxy.

Idea of the emperor: make Qi'ra negociate with the hutt clan on Tatooine, because the emperor feels that if Anakin's son is alive, he must be on Tatooine (a secret mission without telling somehting to Vader) so he wants to facilitate an intervention of the empire, then a war could happen between the hutt clan and the Qi'ra one. Solo would work for Jabba, and Obi-Wan would step in to regulate the conflict.

Anyway, I don't know, but please, something more realistic than a surviving fall in a reactor...

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