Release the complete soundtracks from the Star Wars films by John Williams in lossless

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The music of the Star Wars films has become not only an integral part of the franchise, but also achieved a legendary status in the music industry as some of the finest film music ever produced, and the opus magnum of the greatest film composer to ever live - John Williams. Unfortunately, a very large portion of this historically significant music has never been released outside of the films, and some of it not even been heard in the final cuts.

While each film (with runtimes averaging at over two hours) has been scored wall-to-wall, the soundtrack releases have usually been only 70-75 minutes long. Since Williams infuses every minute of his music with his intellect, learning, and a great musical and dramatic sense, there is a large body of great music that has never been released to the public! In an age where barriers to physical media storage of CDs are being bypassed with digital extended editions of soundtracks like Avengers: Endgame and Black Panther, why cannot Star Wars get the same treatment?

Here is what the undersigned fans would wish to purchase: the complete soundtrack releases of all nine episodes of Star Wars, preferably in the CD format or in high-resolution lossless digital audio – of music presented the way John Williams originally composed and recorded it, before it was edited to fit the films. We find it important from an archival perspective to also hear the complete recordings of alternate and unused versions of cues.

We consider the prime supervisor for this project to be veteran soundtrack producer Mike Matessino, who has a stellar record of conducting such complete releases, including the recent release of the three Harry Potter scores by John Williams, which, testimony to it’s form and quality, remains in an unsatiable demand. Mr. Matessino is a great fan of Star Wars and it is our firm belief that he is the most competent specialist to conduct this historical project.

Time is running out, and you are our only hope. If this doesn't get done soon, then the aging master tape recordings of the original trilogy's music could be rendered unusable!

Regardless if each score/trilogy of scores would be released separately or all together, there is a lot of money to be made on this; music fans around the world have been dreaming of such presentations - which sell to the last copy for even much less popular film scores - for decades.