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Release a Star Wars "Legends" trilogy concurrently with the new series.

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The new Star Wars movies (Episodes VII and VIII) are extremely divisive and controversial. Many die hard Star Wars fans are not accepting the treatment and story arcs of the original (IV, V and VI) movie characters. Before these new movies however, the literary continuation of Stars Wars had continued for years with the story of Luke, Han and Leia progressing well into the next generation. Since the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, that continuation "universe" has since been shelved and called "Legends". Those "Legends" are still available at any bookstore along with the current canon novels, though at this point they are two totally different universes.

My suggestion;

- Release movies loosely based on the "Legends" story arcs. Continue the tale of the Solo and Skywalker clans (and their allies and enemies) as thousands of fans would like to see it. Especially since source materiel for it already exists. Changes will have to made considering Carrie's passing, however there is still a wealth of great materiel available that can be used to create something original and satisfying. Bring Lucas back as a consultant. He can ensure consistency.

The benefits;

- The fans. The Star Wars universe is big enough for this. The comic book world has for years had alternate realities, "What if" scenarios and one off story lines. There are multiple versions and titles for Spider Man, Bat Man, etc. Star Wars is big enough for two different universes diverging after ROtJ. This solution caters to all fans and would satisfy the thousands of fans not happy with the new movies.

- Money. Disney wants a way to more than profit off it's 4 billion investment? Imagine two separate Star Wars "lines". One canon and one titled Legends. You have double the movies, double the merchandise and in some cases double the following. There may be the odd fan that would only see one set of movies, however the majority will see both.

Disney and Lucasfilm please consider this. For many fans (including myself) the new movies are WRONG in so many ways. As a fan of Star Wars who has invested time and money in the franchise for so many years, I would also like to see something more in line with Lucas's vision. At the same time we need to respect the feelings of the millions of fans that love the new movies. This is a win, win, win scenario.



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