Recast "The Genie" in the 2019 live-action "Aladdin" to Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy)

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I (and possibly many others) believe that Will Smith was a terrible choice to be The Genie. While he's a great actor and has done some good stuff, the character of The Genie should be someone that is primarily known to be funny and have a dynamic and sometimes outrageous personality.

Gabriel Iglesias (AKA Fluffy) would be an AMAZING pick. Not only can he do great voices like the late Robin Williams, but he has a great energy about him that would be perfect for The Genie. I believe it would do the film, franchise, and character justice if Gabriel Iglesias had the role as he would give the character his own spin, while still keeping the same goofy demeanor. (Not to mention he was 100% on board with the idea of playing the genie back in April 2017)

If Disney keeps Will Smith, I think it will only be detrimental to the film. It is arguably true that The Genie is the most memorable character from the original Aladdin film, and not doing enough to cast a person similar to Robin Williams would ruin what felt like the heart and soul of the franchise. With the Genie being primarily CGI, it wouldn't be difficult to give him a new face. It also wouldn't be out of character for Disney to postpone a film's release for the betterment of the viewing experience.