Pull the Star Wars licence from Electronic arts/EA

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Star Wars is one of the most beloved franchises in the world, the company Electronic Arts have proven they only intend on treating the fans as walking wallets and have no intent on respectfully handling the franchise.

Just like many other movie Tie in games EA only intend on fooling innocent fans into purchasing a soulless cash grab of a product that takes advantage of peoples addictive personality in a exploitive manner offering glorified Slot machines for a FAMILY Franchise.

The behaviour of EA WILL NOT CHANGE they STILL plan to milk the Star Wars fans for additional money via roulette style gambling for a mediocre product, they don't care that millions of children enjoy star wars and how dangerous this type of system is on a young audience.

They are being exposed to something that basically indirectly compares to real life gambling if you continue to allow this any longer I am afraid I myself will not be supporting the Star Wars franchise at all.

Do the right thing, Star Wars deserve better then this EA are a parasite despised by gamers globally if they had to rely on quality products rather then licences they have held hostage then this company would finally learn to stop treating consumers and staff like dirt.

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