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Prevent Club Penguin From Shutting Down

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Club Penguin is a popular online kids game created by Disney in 2005. Since then, it had brought together children around the world. I know that as a child, the highlight of my day was coming back from school and logging on to Club Penguin. It is a huge part of the lives of children around the world.

Club Penguin mini games are the purest form of art and technology. They challenge the human brain in creativity, quick thinking and motor skills. Not only that, they are fun for all ages. However, Disney is threatening to shut down the computer version of Club Penguin and move it to a strictly mobile game which will end up being entirely different. Many people can agree with me that shutting down a revolutionary MMO game is an enormous mistake.

Yes, smartphones may start to be replacing desktop computers, but they won't become the norm for games and heavy applications for years to come. Children are still going to play Club Penguin on computers. However, when it shuts down its servers once and for all, kids will have to find a new way to play the game. The only other way to play Club Penguin without the initial Disney servers are private servers created by fans who prefer the old Club Penguin rather to the new, more updated one.

However, their are no chat restrictions or modification or IP finding blocks that exist in Disney's Club Penguin, due to the private servers being simply a remake.
These private servers do not provide the safe environment that the original Club Penguin does that allows parents to feel comfortable knowing their children are playing a safe, wholesome game. Lots of people will play the mobile game, but I predict a big group of people will still migrate to private servers over time due to the mobile Club Penguin not being like the original at all. Sign the petition. Share with friends and family. This is the biggest battle of the Club Penguin community. Forget Gary or Herbert. Save Club Penguin before its too late.


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