Pixar, please greenlight a Finding Marlin fan idea and make it into a real movie

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Finding Nemo has long been a story about a clownfish, with the help of an amnesiac blue tang, heading to Sydney Harbour to find his missing son. We were excited for the great hero you, Pixar Animation Studios, to make the long-awaited 2016 sequel to see how our heroes' lives had turned out a year after the first film. We saw the adventures of Dory, and we saw less than a minute of the Tank Gang. 

Finding Dory was a very amazing film. It made Dory more popular, and it was accepted as a masterpiece by us fans. It increased the reasons we love the Finding Nemo franchise. The franchise can be improved, and we really want you to use a very good fan idea for the next Finding Nemo movie.

A user on a fan website called Wikia has an idea for Finding Marlin on The Idea Wiki (http://ideas.wikia.com/wiki/Finding_Marlin) and he really wants you and Finding Nemo director/writer Andrew Stanton to greenlight his idea and turn it into a real movie. We ask you both to greenlight his idea and turn it into a real movie, in order to make the franchise even more amazing.

Ever since the first movie's release back in 2003, the film has grown a huge fanbase. The fanbase increased even more since Finding Dory came out back in 2016. If the Finding Marlin fan idea became a real movie, it would become one of the greatest Pixar movies ever. We often feel that if you guys make the Finding Marlin fan idea into a real movie, then Finding Marlin would have the potential to become a very popular movie, and the idea's creator and we personally could not agree more. Another reason you guys should make this because I loved Finding Nemo my whole life. 

We are very excited to see this guy's idea made into a reality, and we want to see the entire thing as a movie. Please don't reject this fan idea. It's not fair to reject such a great idea, such as the fan idea for Finding Marlin. I bet many fans are looking forward to it being made into a real film. We want you to greenlight this person's idea and turn it into an actual animated movie, please. Almost everyone loves this idea. We want to see this fan idea become a real movie. :D

(UPDATE: I am expecting millions of people to sign this petition)

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