Marvel - Reinstate James Gunn as Guardians of the Galaxy Director/Writer

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James Gunn is a light in the Marvel universe. He was given the reigns of a very risky property and turned Guardians of the Galaxy into one of the most unique films in the history of the genre. His films are a singular and unique vision and he must be given the chance to tell his third and final installment. The only reason he was pulled from the project is due to decades old inappropriate jokes that he has long since deleted and explained and apologized for. The only reason the bad tweets were even uncovered is because Gunn is an outspoken liberal on Twitter when it comes to politics. He angered a man named Mike Cernovich who then dug out these old tweets to 'even the score'. Gunn has NEVER brought his political beliefs into his art. He makes fun and interesting films but doesn't inject his personal political beliefs into them. He has taken great care to state that his statements on politics are his and his alone and not those of Marvel, Disney, or any other associated companies. Mike Cernovich, on the other hand, is a liar and a disgusting person. He basically advocates that rape is acceptable if the male is stronger repeatedly. He is done of the most horrendous types of conservatives and fake patriots found an find on Twitter. To fire James Gunn because Cernovich  found old, deleted, inappropriate tweets from Gunn us to give the worst possible kind of troll a win. Marvel, The Walt Disney Company, and any other associated parties should not, under any circumstances give Cernovich a win. Reinstate James Gunn. Let him complete his vision.