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Include Black Widow in all Avengers-related toy lines, clothing and merchandise.

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Superheroes are now mass market entertainment, enjoyed by men, women, boys and girls -- yet girls are consistently shortchanged when it comes to toys, clothing and other merchandise.

Black Widow has appeared in four Marvel films so far, yet Black Widow merchandise for is nearly impossible to find -- particularly action figures and play accessories for children.

Toy sets, clothing and other Avengers-branded merchandise consistently omit Black Widow, even while including minor characters such as War Machine and Hawkeye.

Leaving all female characters out of toy lines deprives girls of the ability to roleplay as their hero. Worse, omitting female characters from all merchandise aimed at boys reinforces the false narrative that it is wrong to look up to women; that women are never the hero of the story; and that girls are unimportant and can be ignored.

We want Marvel to become the hero that our girls deserve by giving them the same access to the imaginative superheroic toys, clothing and merchandise that boys have. And we want Marvel to use their position of influence to show boys that women can be heroes as well.

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