Make The Walt Disney Company Switch to Paper Straws

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In 2016, Disney reported a whopping 20.4 million visitors to Magic Kingdom. Visitors to Epcot reached around 11.7 million and Animal Kingdom, 10.8 million. These are just a handful of The Walt Disney Company's parks in Florida alone. Each day thousands of plastic straws are discarded as they are not recyclable and are taken to landfills where they do not biodegrade. Many of these straws do not even make their way to the landfill but instead are ingested by birds or make their way to other bodies of water, such as the sea where they endanger marine life. It is the responsibility of companies such as The Walt Disney Company to assist in being as environmentally friendly as possible just as it is the responsibility of the consumer to make sure their plastic trash is disposed of properly. As there are plenty of alternatives to plastic straws and there is no "good" way to dispose of one, please sign this petition to hold Disney accountable and demand that they switch to paper straws to cut down on plastic pollution.