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Make Mulan Great Again

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Over the past couple years, news of a live action "Mulan" from Disney has been spread across the world, and in recent days, we have learned that Disney is planning on making some heartbreaking changes. In fact, these differences are racist, homophobic, and sexist, and we, the audience, must stop them from happening. The director, Niki Caro, has said the movie will be focused on martial arts, a topic Mulan barely discusses, and this is frankly a stereotype of Chinese and other East Asian films. Next, our beloved Li Shang, the MAIN male character is being removed and replaced because he is "too bisexual" for Disney's conservative audiences, and the company is afraid of boycott like the one for "Beauty and the Beast." Lastly, the new film will include no songs and has been called by Caro, a "girly martial arts" production. Without music, the movie states that to be powerful, nobody can associate themselves with an artistic side. Also, with the term "girly" Disney is going against the entire plot of the film that states that regardless of gender, Mulan's mind allowed her to be the most valuable soldier. Please sign this petition to (yes I'm making fun with this statement) make Mulan great again!

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