Make Disneyworld Orlando(FL)STOP asking cast members to pay rent during COVID-19 pandemic

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the multi billionaire Walt Disney World company is still asking cast members around the world to pay for housing rent although cast members are not working due the lockdown of the main parks. 
In this specific case, Disney World Orlando, which was already asking a ridiculous amount of money for over crowded flats( some of them can host up to 8 people in multi shared rooms making The Walt Disney world company have a profit of over 5000$ monthly for each household), have not stopped asking cast members to pay rent.

The Walt Disney World company is currently still paying weekly each cast member, but is also automatically taking back almost the entire weekly pay for rental purposing, making the company have a entire work force for free. 
This is outrageous and The Walt Disney World SHOULD STOP making cast members pay rent at least until the Lockdown period has finished .