Make Disney Fire Kathleen Kenndey for destroying the Star Wars Canon, and movies.

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It is time to press the reset button on Star Wars, and start making films that are faithful to the fans of the expanded universe and fans of the films. Kathleen Kennedy has turned the largest film franchise that had existed in US History, into an embarrassing, ultra-political badly written version of what it should have been. Kathleen and Rian Johnson have repeatedly stated they will not listen to Star Wars fans, or make films based on what the community wants to see. What Star Wars has become, is a franchise which makes films that they think people ‘should’ want to see, not films that people ‘do’ want to see. Instead of listening to fan feedback. They demonize anyone who disagrees with their direction, and insult any fans brave enough to question the bad writing and SJW directions of this embarrassing follow up to the beloved Star Wars trilogies’. I call an end to Kathleen Kennedy, an end to Rian Johnson, and a boycott to any future Star Wars movies until we the fans are treated with respect, and listened to.