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Make a Star Wars Kyle Katarn Movie

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Kyle is a name that is under represented in the great annals of Western Society. A look at the Wikipedia page for Kyle (given name) shows that the great Kyle of society are mostly athletes some musicians and mid level politicians.

Society seems to shun the name Kyle. In media the most famous positive Icon of pop culture Kyle is perhaps Kyle Reese from Terminator who barely saves Sarah Conner from the Arnold Schwarzenegger's character. He also fathers the savior of man kind but is not himself considered the savior of man kind.

Other figures of Kyle include Totally Kyle from Nickelodeon's 90s sensation ALL THAT which forever cemented the sort of Clown like attributes stigmatized in the name of Kyle. There is of course Kyle Broflovski from the longstanding protagonist of South Park whose Jewish heritage is used to undermine his maturity and wisdom by Eric Cartman.

Kyle's get a short end of the stick when it comes to cultural icons and as such suffer an unseen discrimination.

This petition represents the beginning of the end of Kyle Marginalization.

We request... nay demand that Disney make a movie or series of movies centering around the character Kyle Katarn his legends exploits may no longer be canon but a new story with him deserves to be told serving as a protagonist.

Timeline in which he serves is unimportant as he can serve before the prequels in an Old Republic like format or a be a new character in an in between a new hope and a Force awakens or a character in the underworld mercenary life of any time period. So long as his role remains iconic heroic and showcase the leadership qualities that Kyle's can achieve.

-Kouncil of Kyle

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