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Get JJ Abrams to reboot the Star Wars Prequels in the style of the Original Trilogy

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Millions of Star Wars fans around the world are still suffering from the trauma caused by the biggest letdown in the history of cinema: the Prequel Trilogy. Episodes I, II, and III were highly anticipated as the Star Wars film franchise had gone dormant for more than a decade. Yet despite being written and directed by the Maker himself, George Lucas, the films failed to deliver an experience worthy of the Original Trilogy.

The Prequels created a divide among the adults within Star Wars fandom – there were those of us who overlooked the films’ shortcomings and were happy to have any new movies in the Star Wars universe; and then there were those of us who hung up our lightsabers and called it a day, swearing off any involvement with the films, or the merchandise and countless media tie-ins.  

Recently, thanks to Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars franchise, our splintered fandom has come back together to experience a new hope: JJ Abram’s Episode VII, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The first of a planned Sequel Trilogy, the film opened to rave reviews and continues to smash box office records. Abrams made a promise to fans and kept it: the new film harkens back to what made the Original Trilogy so memorable.

The success of Force Awakens only makes the failures of the Prequel Trilogy sting more. Millions of us are left wondering what could have been in more capable hands. The newest movie has been criticized for being “creativity-by-committee” but that may be what could have saved the Prequels from going overboard in so many places.


Disney should hire JJ Abrams to reboot the Prequel Trilogy in the style of the Original Trilogy similar to what he accomplished with The Force Awakens. The films should stick to the general outline created by George Lucas but correct several of the glaring problems with the production, starting with the script and the production’s over-reliance on CGI.

Here are some of the changes Abrams should make:

·      Scripts for the Prequels should be re-written by Lawrence Kasdan and JJ Abrams
Galactic Senate scenes should be kept to a minimum

·      Darth Maul should be more fully fleshed out, given a proper story arc, and survive through Episode III

·      Gungans, Neimoidians, Muuns, and a select few other aliens will be redesigned to be less offensive and ridiculous; they should all be brought to life using practical effects

·      Yoda will be a puppet

·      Fewer CG sets, more practical ones

·      Anakin Skywalker and the Younglings will no longer be played by child actors; instead Abrams should hire small people who can pass as adults to portray the junior jedi. Actors of similar stature to Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones should be used.

·      Mace Windu survives

·      Ewan McGregor should reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, but be given even more screentime and additional quips courtesy of Kasdan

·      Padme should be played by Daisy Ridley's older sister, Kika Rose Ridley

·      The romance between Padme & Anakin will be more realistic

·      Padme will not die of a broken heart, nor will Vader scream a moronic Nooooooo! at the end of the Episode III

·      The soundtracks by John Williams will be re-composed and re-scored to be less dynamic and overpowering; the music should rely heavily on Original Trilogy themes and a few new ones that are largely forgettable


*Please note: while we propose less CG overall, there are two exceptions where CG will replace what had been done using practical effects in the Lucas versions of the Prequels. Namely: Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Emperor Palpatine should be motion-captured and performed by Andy Serkis.

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