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Lucasfilm and Disney: THANK YOU!

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Lucasfilm and Disney: THANK YOU!

October 30, 2012, Disney announced that it had acquired Lucasfilm. In the 5 years since that took place, two incredible things have happened. One incredibly GREAT, and one incredibly terrible.
1.) THE GREAT: The Star Wars franchise was re-energized by the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm and the news that we were going to get an additional trilogy of movies to continue the Skywalker saga! If that wasn’t enough we’re also getting stand-alone movies, books, comics, etc. This is just the start of what is to come.
2.) THE TERRIBLE: A small, but vocal group of individuals has done nothing but spread hate and vitriol about the direction of the franchise.
All of us here at The Alliance of Star Wars Fanatics / have had enough of the negativity, and want to let Lucasfilm and Disney know that we are THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE for all that they are doing. Some are now even making efforts to falsely discredit their most recent release, The Last Jedi. This has gotten out of control. This petition is to show our support and backing of Lucasfilm and Disney 100%. Its time for the fans of the franchise to stand up.
The Alliance of Star Wars Fanatics / is a fan group of over 28k members that was started back in the summer of 2015. This group provides a place to discuss the franchise in a place that’s free of hate and negativity so often seen on the internet today. We are fans that are here to celebrate and discuss what we love in a positive way, and we reject outright negativity. Positivity, mutual respect for different opinions, and passion for what we love is what separates TAOSWF from most other fan groups.
The goal of this petition is to show the world that the identity of the Star Wars fandom will NOT be established by the very vocal but very SMALL collection of haters out there. WE SUPPORT LUCASFILM AND DISNEY 100%! Special thanks to Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee, Rian Johnson, and all the others who deal with a daily barrage of negativity.
We are a collection of fans that range from those who saw Star Wars in 1977, all the way to those who have just seen their first movie. People are fans of Star Wars  for many reasons. Some developed a love for Star Wars as an escape from something negative in their life. Others developed their love of Star Wars due to a bonding moment between and a child and a parent. Whatever the reason, the fandom is huge and strong. 
Let us all show Lucasfilm, Disney and all the other POSITIVE fans that we will not allow the negativity of a small group of people to misrepresent the entirety of the Star Wars fandom and paint us all with their brush of negativity.

If you want to show your support of Lucasfilm and Disney and show the positive and appreciative side of the fandom, sign this petition. Together we can show them that we are looking forward to all that they have planned for the fandom in the future! It’s time to stand up and support the franchise we all love. 
Join us at and to see how positive fans interact!
May the Force be with you all!

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