Legend of the Three Caballeros must continue with more seasons and get released world wide

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We all love this new show. Since the first season finale, we want to see what happens next and more of this amazing and wonderful show about The Three Caballeros with more seasons of more new episodes and a world wide release, especially to the USA.

And if this show does end up getting a second season and more, the focus will shift to José and Panchito, as Donald clearly has all his issues worked out. We may even see characters from comics they've starred in, such as Maria Vaz/Rosinha and/or Clara Cluck. And also, bring up the lost caballero that they never completed him and the film also from 1946 and his name is Miguelito Maracas and they could make him come to life in the future cartoons to this maybe showing Cuban culture.

And while Legend of The Three Caballeros doesn’t currently have a release set for the United States, 2019 will be the 75th anniversary of The Three Caballeros, and Disney is also launching its own streaming service in 2019 called Disney+. Legend of The Three Caballeros could potentially be one of the exclusive series for it, but we fully expect it to come to America at some point.

I personally loved the Caballeros TV show and was actually fascinates me to the Three Caballeros franchise. The sudden ending of season 1 left me and all of us with a thirst for answers to many questions to what happens next. I sincerely appreciate all the support, and I hope that we can succeed in our goal to continue what is one of the best TV shows of all time.

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