Keep Walt Disney World Parks Closed During the Summer Months

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This specific request asks Disney to strongly consider reopening any Walt Disney World Park during the summer months and will highlight some of the reasons for such concerns. First, the obvious: the amount of COVID-19 cases has remained high, and by some metrics, has remained rather steady for a number of weeks now. Despite much of the country being under lockdown, we have not seen the precipitous decline we’ve been clamoring to see. With a number of states reopening, it seems likely that these numbers would increase further. Based on the method(s) of transmission and the detrimental effects of mass crowding, it seems extremely likely that the opening of Walt Disney World would potentiate the increase of new infections. This puts tremendous risk(s) on cast members, those in the local communities, as well as those around the nation. Disney prides itself on its impeccable brand image and it would potentially put itself in a perilous position if it were blamed to have caused a viral outbreak.

Beyond the desire to buy some more time, the reason this request is outlining a closure specifically through summer is due to the concern regarding the weather. Based on guidelines put forth by the CDC and actions taken by the Disney Company in Shanghai, it seems rather imperative that any park attendee wear a mask. With Walt Disney World’s location being in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, there are many days where the temperature is at, or exceeding 100 degrees, coupled with 100 percent humidity. This, in it of itself, poses tremendous risks to our individual lives, our families, as well as to the companies cast members. Disney’s goal has always been to provide a fun, magical experience for all of it’s guests. However, this prospective situation seems unquestionably antithetical to this type of experience Disney always aspires for. Given this, it seems like a prudent policy for the company to not consider opening until these high temperatures settle down.

It’s important to note that the Disney Corporation has been acting excellently with their social responsibility as a corporate citizen. Disney has given back so much to both their respective local community(ies), as well as provided so many kind gestures to so many communities throughout the nation. Disney also took the rather laudable action in closing their parks before any government mandate required them to do so. Their overall response has been nothing short of impeccable. This petition is not at all designed to call out Disney for any of their actions, but rather to inform them of the potential concern(s) citizens have in a number of these aformentioned areas.

With all this said, it’s additionally important that Disney and its fans lobby Congress to have them assist this company with mitigating its losses. The decision(s) put forth thus far by this company, and if it further honors this request, would be of tremendous sacrifice and indicative of their humanitarian values. We, as a society, need to reward this time of corporate behavior. Furthermore, we need to push for Congress to also extend unemployment benefits for Disney’s Cast Members for the entire duration of its closure!