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Justice for Star Wars Battlefront II!

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A message to Electronic Arts:

You have officially fucked up. Star Wars fans shall never forgive you for turning a great game into a gambling casino. Your pathetic talk outs of this mess only proves this is the beggining of the end of your evil empire.

The Resistance is already rising against the evil you caused. The Rebellion has started, and it shall spark a fire that will burn your evil order down. People are fed up of your machinations and money grabbing expertise. It is time to put you down, as you rejected to reason out a compromise.

I have never supported a game this much as Battlefront II. As a hard Star Wars fan by heart, it grievely broke my heart to see you haven't changed, EA. You only gotten worse, hid behind lies and free DLCs. This was the lyrical last straw. Expect that this action will have consequences. And they will rise a tornado to wipe you the damage you caused. A tornado of revenge.

You had one chance, EA. And you fucked it up.

Time for your empire to end.

Remember this.

I will not falter, not stop nor surrender till Star Wars Battlefront II is redeemed in full glory and cleansed from your greedy, capitalist machinations.

To explain the problem, EA had infused Battlefront II with the worst kind of microtransactions and screwed up the progression system, making it dependent on loot boxes, containing star cards and crafting parts which are needed for upgrading the cards. The whole system is turning the game into pay-to-win, as for real money, gamers could buy the boxes and 'gamble' for epic rewards. Not mentioning the ridiculous low rewards in milestones and matches, while the boxes cost way more. (For example, you get aprx. 200-450 credits per a game, while one loot box cost 4000.) The whole game is practically a gambling online casino, from which only one profits - Electronic Arts. And that is truly evil.

I ask also other fellow Star Wars fans and gamers to speak up by signing this petition if you agree. The time has come. Speak up, express your opinion! Let's allow DICE to comandeer Battlefront II's progression on their own, without EA's overseers. Let's make Disney to make a good move.

To save Star Wars.

May the Force be with us.

Lukas Macek

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