Marvel Comics Could Show Their Commitment To Real Diversity By Hiring Author Jon Del Arroz

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For over 75 years, Marvel Comics has told spectacular, uncanny, amazing and incredible stories all set in a world that's just like "the world outside your window." Marvel creators have, over the years, built an amazingly diverse universe that remains both fantastic and relatable. And for that, they remain the #1 comic publishing company.

In recent years especially, Marvel has made great strides to both diversifying their character roster and their creative staff. A host of writers, artists and editors have been hired from a much wider array of backgrounds than had previously been seen at a company already known to be diverse. Not only in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation, but so too have these new creators come from a wide array of publishing backgrounds, including print, webcomics, legal writings and even political commentary.

However, for many, the "world outside your window" that Marvel has striven to create looks nothing like the world they know. Superheroes have always dealt with wider and far reaching issues that affect the real world. Issues of crime, race, sex, immigration, bigotry, the environment, violence and so on have long gone hand in hand with stories of capes and masks and crime fighting. Our world today is more fraught with political divisiveness than ever. And yet Marvel Comics has an almost stultifying political mono-culture. To the extent that comics do touch on these issues, at Marvel Comics at least, there is only one worldview that is ever represented. Meanwhile, on social media, nearly all creators, both prominent and less so, espouse a left-leaning world view that many find alienating and judgmental.

A commitment to diversity in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation is admirable, and it's great to see writers of both a wide array of these things and of backgrounds. But it is disappointing that their commitment to ideological diversity has been lacking. And so, to partially correct this imbalance, I propose a solution.

Hire Hispanic-American author Jon Del Arroz.

Jon Del Arroz, writer for Superversive Press, has written such books as Gravity of the Game, the Dragon Award nominated Star Realms: Rescue Run, and, most recently, For Steam And Country. He is also a contributor to popular blog The Federalist, and is involved in one of the most popular crowd funding campaigns of all time, Alt Hero. Jon's star is only rising right now, and if Marvel comics were to hire him to write an ongoing or miniseries then it would both underscore their commitment to diversity and present a more rounded take on the "world outside your window" that Marvel has always striven to create. I hope that Disney CEO Robert Iger, Marvel CEO Ike Pearlmutter and new Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski see this petition and consider it.

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