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Include More LGBTQ+ Characters In Children's Shows

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Be more inclusive and add more LGBTQ+ characters to children's media, such as cartoons, books, and movies!

Children who may be gay or lesbian themself will feel reassured that they are normal, and straight kids can become more educated.

I'm not saying to overload it or anything, but at least make it reflect real life. I know most TV channels are good with racial and gender equality, so this is the next step. It doesn't need to be anything over the top or be completely focused on it, but it wouldn't hurt to  bend gender roles a bit in the shows.

This is better for everyone, and it will prepare kids for real LGBTQ+ people that they will likely encounter eventually. Diversity is very important for kids to know. Everyone is different, and that's okay!

This is not targeted at anybody in particular, I know many of the TV channels are very good at making shows. I just want people to sign this so they can see that this is what the people really want! Maybe it can convince them to make a change! Thank you!  :)

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