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Immediately Stop All Business with Harvey Weinstein

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On October 5, The New York Times broke a bombshell story that producer Harvey Weinstein has been paying off sexual harassment claims for years. The report details how he coerced, bullied, and assaulted women over the span of at least two decades is heartbreaking and angering. It is only made worse by knowing that this behavior was a 'public secret' among many who worked for and with Weinstein. The power in Hollywood he has amassed via his company, the Weinstein Company, allowed him to prey on young women with no repercussions.

The culture sexual violence against women in show business must stop.

 The 'Big Six' major Hollywood studios have an opportunity to speak with one voice and denounce both the actions of Harvey Weinstein and the culture that allowed him to operate with impunity. They can send a message to everyone in their industry that each person is to be treated with dignity and respect, and anyone who violates the sacred rights of another person will be met with severe consequences - anyone, even the most powerful and well-connected.

Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox Entertainment Group, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, and Paramount are the major players in the Hollywood film industry. They have the loudest voices and the largest reach, and their actions could change the culture.

Until such time as Harvey Weinstein has been fired and ceased all involvement with the Weinstein Company, we the undersigned ask the Big Six Hollywood studios to do the following:

1. Cease any and all collaborations with the Weinstein Group, Harvey Weinstein's production and studio company.

2. Cease providing any distribution of any films produced by the Weinstein Company.

3. Cease any business involvement with Harvey Weinstein individually.

In addition, we strongly encourage the CEOs of said studios to publicly and directly condemn sexual violence against women and the culture that protects predators, and to call on all of the film industry to 'put their own houses in order' as needed.

Hollywood is meant to be a place of hope, where stories are told and human life is enriched. May it be so again.

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