Have The Star vs. The Forces of Evil Crew Make A Spin-Off Series For Alfonzo and Ferguson

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Recently, Kristen Gish, a storyboard artist for the Disney XD show, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, uploaded a post (specifically on Tumblr) about an original concept for one of their latest episodes of season 3, Sophomore Slump. 


The post states that the original idea was that two side characters, Alfonzo and Ferguson, were initially the ones who were going to the main character's dimension to battle evil monsters, study magic, and learn the true meaning of friendship. Alfonzo and Ferguson are infamously known for being characters that were demanded by Disney to be created as the deuteragonist's friends so that he would appear to be more masculine. Since they were not initially in the show, they were soon pushed aside after their few appearances in season 1, only to return briefly in season 3, only making minor background appearances in season 2.

Although the post appears to be a joke, most likely one spread around the studio at the time of this season's production, demands for a spin-off series were immediately made from several fans. Most believe that this series would be far more interesting, and would have much less "teen romance drama" than the actual final product. In their appearances, Alfonzo and Ferguson are silly, relatable, kind and sweet, yet as many great characters are, not perfect. When they make mistakes, they are quick to try and fix them. They strive to help each other and their friends as well, making them great role models for young children. The actual show's target audience is young children, mostly around the 7+ age range. We believe that the morals of the spin-off story, whether it be a series or film, would be valuable to viewers young and old, and we'd all be very happy to save these two lovable characters with great potential from a sad fate. 

Please sign this petition so that we can help create this spin-off series and give Alfonzo and Ferguson a chance!

Update: July 14th, 2018 - By the recommendation of several supporters of this petition, it is requested that the inclusion of other Echo Creek Academy students such as Jackie, Janna, Britthey Oskar are included. It was also suggested that other named students would be involved, though none in this entry is completely required.


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